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    Hi all, i am very new to this forum or any other for that matter. I have chronic knee pain in my right knee after tearing my acl,mcl,pcl,meniscus and popliteal artery all in one shot. That was three years ago.

    I have been on so many combinations of medicines to combat and control the pain and the fatigue from the meds.

    It got to where I dreaded filling my meds monthly because of the dirty looks I got.

    Just yesterday I went to my doctor handed him the script I had left from last month’s visit for the 30mg oxys ( They always have had to break the scripts in half at my request so I could get them filled). I have tapered myself down to a 1/4 of what I was taking and asked that I be put on a 10mg dosage so I could taper from there. I also take lyrica and it is such a miracle for me! Thankfully I stockpiled it for 2 years because my insurance no longer covers it and I am going to need it to help me be successful. He gave me anti-nausea med and clonzapam (?) to help with the sweats and creepy crawlies if I need it. Hopefully I will not, and it the ltrica doesnt take care of it to a manageable level I will use sparingly.

    I dont have the luxury of just going cold turkey and setting the time aside to just deal with it. Im a single mother of a 7 year old and a student on the verge of applying for med school (kind of ironic huh?). I run the house and do everything in between. I know I can do this, I just feel like I need support from someone who knows what to expect and how I will feel. My parents and my boyfriend have been so wonderfully supportive, and I have been honest with them since I started the pain management process that I need to have my exit strategy in place. I can’t live this way anymore. I hate that a pill (or pills) could control my life. I want my energy back! I so want to have the energy to just wake up and go into my day full force, instead of dragging myself out of bed everyday and going through the motions like a zombie.

    I took less than prescribed yesterday and started to get the sweats and feel sick so I took the two meds he gave me for that. i felt a little strange but somewhat happier that I know I can do this. What I dont want is to replace a pill with more pills. I take adderal for ADD as well and it has helped with the energy to keep me focused on my schoolwork and my son, but in the end, do I need to give that up to? I want to be free from this vicious cycle….I want off of this ride.

    Does anyone have any advice for me? Am I doing this the right way? I am so very excited, but also scared at the same time. Am I strong enough? I have to be…

    Thank you so much for letting me get this off of my chest, I tell my family but they truly dont understand how I feel. They are supportive of my decision and will help me, so I know I couldn’t ask for more.

    Feel free to offer advice and experience. God Bless!

    Much Love

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