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    I have now been clean and sober for 38 months after 30yrs of hell,suffering from the disease/illness we all know as alcoholism, without doubt two of the key factors in my recovery were, recognition and acceptance that I, me of all people was an alcoholic!Only joking ofcourse.

    During all this time and into recovery my sexuality had been ‘questionable’ , didn’t see myself as homosexual, bisexual I was just sexual,then I wandered on to an online Transgender dating site,it didn’t take me a short time to again recognise and accept as an ‘Admirer’ that this was were I belonged all the time, I was both comfortable and happy with this side of my sexuality, perhaps thiscan beseen as one of the benefits of recovery.

    There is little doubt that in both instances, recognition and acceptance played a big part in both parts.

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