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    Why would you live with any doubts about your ability to access spirit in times of trouble or the presence of problems? The answer lies in understanding the difference between what you believe and what you know.

    Beliefs stem from the experiences and testimony of others who in one way or another have attempted to persuade you of their truths. All your institutional religious training, holy books, and theological dogma may be valid and extremely forthright, nevertheless they are usually presented as the truth for all, including you. The pressures to believe may have been almost insurmountable if you were assigned these beliefs at birth, and raised on them. I am not suggesting that religious training is wrong. However, I do think that any method of conditioning people to accept beliefs about God creates doubt, because the beliefs do not come from any conscious contact or direct experience with God. To create a knowing that supplies you with faith, you must establish a direct experience of God for youself.

    You have faith that you can ride a bicycle not because of the testimony or experiences of others, but because you have made conscious contact with bicycle riding. Your experience has provided you with faith in this endeavor. It is not because of any evidence that has been presented to you verifying the existence of balance laws, or because others have persuaded you that balancing is a possibility for you, or even because everyone else around you is dutifully riding their bicycles. It is knowing because of your direct experience and nothing more that gives you faith.

    So it is with all knowing, including your coming to know God. You must abandon your fears and create the place in your life where you are independent of outside influences, allow yourself to come into direct contact with a spiritual consciousness. When you breathe in the energy of God realization, you will then have that faith from which you can never be dissuaded. You do this by dispelling fears that arise from making the decision to have this direct experience, independent of the opinions of those external forces that have been so powerful in your life.

    Excerpt from
    There’s A Spritual Solution to Every Problem
    by Wayne W Dyer

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