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    One of my counselors from Spenser recovery in Los Angeles thought me 5 steps to remove alcohol from my system.

    Step 1: Avoid situations which gives you a chance to drink (Avoid bars and enabling/alcoholic friends)

    Step 2: When In a situation that you are about to drink think of the most embarrassing/
    Terrible/Horrifying thing that has happen to you after drinking. (mine was Destroying my computer with all my work files and all my stuff and fighting with my GF while drunk.)

    Step 3: Find supportive friends and family who understand your situation and let them help you keep yourself sober. think of how you would let them down if you drink.

    Step 4: Remove the reason why you drink and replace it with a different healthy activity. ex. I drink when I’m depressed or sad. what I do now is jog and exercise instead
    to take my mind off things

    Step 5: if someone offers you a drink Throw/spit the drink to him/her. He doesn’t deserve to be your friend hahahaha!

    Im also taking a drug that makes me so ill when I drink that I don’t want to drink again. I reserched it and I saw the name was “disulfiram” damn nasty when mixed with alcohol.

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