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    I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to myself…here goes:

    I give speeches, long speeches. Recently I’ve been having panic attacks and possibly trigger hypoglycemic attacks (I’ve been eating smaller meals to help control this). I split my night meds (2 SAddiction to RehabilitationI’s and a benzo) and taking them at lunch. Doctor doesn’t think it will make a difference (Anyone with experience please chime in). Before bed I take 2 tablets of Zopiclone. These are used to treat insomnia.

    If I take half a tablet before my speeches, I don’t feel sleepy. In fact, I feel very good and I’m able to get a good couple hours out of that half tablet before it wears off. It’s only when I take this tablet that I seem to have any control over how I feel. Even with benzos, I can get shortness of breath, dizziness etc…just more relaxed.

    My doctor told me that it was improper use of the medicine and that it would turn into an addiction. The fact is, I’m already physically addicted to all these meds and would like to be off them completely. I’ve asked for something that can produce the same effects as Zopiclone. He said benzos are the most prescribed and most useful. Not in my case though. He told me to be careful. These speeches are weekend speeches. During the week I’ve managed to ween myself down.

    Anyone else with this kind of experience? I really want to be taking NO meds but it seems that as soon as I get up there to talk, the cycle begins. This was never the case a few years back. Only in recent months has it gotten worse. I’m wondering if I’m just mentally setting myself up for things to be bad. Is this also possible? I’ve been to several different doctors over the years. My current one is the best but he isn’t quite THE BEST.

    I also have sleep apnea, which I’m getting tested for to see how much pressure etc. I need on a CPAP. Hopefully that will bring down some of the stresses I have on my body.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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