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    I am seven months sober and for the first three months i had a sponsor. We had a falling out and i have been without a sponsor since. I have a great group of sober friends but none would work as sponsors. I live in a very small town with two meetings a week, with about 10-15 people who are regular but only 5-6 with longterm soberity. I do have a man that i am working out my 4th step with but he is not available to be my sponsor. I am gay and in a committed relationship. It is a great relationship but always could use some pointers when issues come up. We are both alcoholics and both in recovery. I am now reaching out to the online community for help. I also know i need more meetings and contact with more sober people. Any thoughts, comments, opinions would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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