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    So after a couple of weeks of having some bad dizzy spells, I decided to get checked out. The doctor took an MRI of my brain and neck. All is good, no past or present trauma, no build up of plaque…no reason to suspect anything happening to me is because of the brain.

    Still, I’ve been having these problems. The other day, stiff shoulders became one of them. I sleep at night, wake up at 3am, pee, go back to bed, wake up early and feel OK…then around 12pm or 1pm I’m feeling tired again. However, the past 3 days I’ve felt more than tired…my eyes are pulling down on me. I feel like I could curl up where ever I am and fall asleep…but only I can’t. Without my meds, I get shocks while I sleep.

    Doctor has me seeing a ENT doctor tomorrow who specializes in sleep to see if perhaps I have some air-way issues while sleeping that’s causing my body to fight to stay awake. Not sure if others have had this. The shoulder pains get so bad that I almost put myself into a panic attack and then I take a benzo (Which I normally don’t do middle of the day) which makes me sleepier…and the loop of doom begins…


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