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    So I have a question, I do not believe I have an eating disorder, in fact I feel that I am far from an eating disorder, but my doctor has informed me that my habits coincide with an eating disorder. My “habits” are that I have a very hard time forcing food into myself when I stressed out… it does not feel good to eat when I am stressed, it just churns in my stomach, so I don’t attempt to. I just have no appetite when I am stressed. I think he is crazy to suggest I have an eating disorder simply because I think not having an appetite when you’re stressed is a normal reaction… I do not have an ulterior motive to not eat, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I am chronically underweight and cannot seem to put on the pounds and it’s always bothered me…if anything I wish I could GAIN weight. I think my doctor thinks I’m lying to him or something because I am underweight and maybe he thinks that I don’t eat not just because I’m stressed, leading him to think I’m anorexic or something…he’s trying to put the two together into something that just isn’t applicable. What are your thoughts on this? Am I wrong?

    When I am not stressed, my appetite is small but normal. I eat pretty healthy (I have a secret love affair with fruit). I just don’t see how my doctor could have labeled it as an ED.

    I am also skeptical cause he couldn’t put a name to my supposed ED, he just told me my habits coincide with one… Hmm… maybe I’m just misinterpreting what he said altogether. I have no idea.

    I should probably also mention that I am male.

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