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    Even sober Sunday’s are a struggle for me. I have anxiety/depression along with my drinking problem. All three got really out of control when I began my MBA in addition to working full time in 2008. I am still doing both and I do the bulk of my school work on the weekends. While easier to tackle school work without a hangover, some days I just feel paralyzed by the academic pressure. It’s funny because I worked two jobs, 7 days a week, for nearly two years without it fazing me, but throw in tests, papers and looming assignment deadlines in addition to work and it pushed me over the edge. When I leave it all to Sunday the anxiety is exceptionally bad. I used to never be a procrastinator but as my anxiety began to morph into depression I began avoiding things that caused me stress. I am currently medicated and see a therapist regularly, but some days are still really hard, especially being in early recovery. Just needed to vent, thanks for listening.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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