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    Now I have had anxiety for a long time but I had it under control, no meds etc…
    I was on my third child. When I went into labor I proceeded to the Hospital obviously 🙂 Now, I smoke and I did cut down during my pregnancy and it was fine. On my way to the hospital I smoked a few cigarettes as I was nervous, ya know. Anyway, after being admitted and whatnot, the nurse came in and checked me out. My oxegyn level was low, she decides it’s because I smoked a few cigarettes before I came in, so she refuses to give me oxegyn.(this is not why and I wish I had never told her) Finally she leaves her shift, good thing she would have let me die.
    A new nurse comes in and checks my vitals as well as the baby’s, immediately puts me on oxegyn and tells me to lie down still. My blood pressure had plummeted. I am shaking when I write this just remembering. Apparently the baby was in distress, every time I had a contraction his heartbeat slowed to almost nothing. It was horrible, I was a wreck. The reason all this happened was because he was being strangled by the umbilical cord. This somehow put me in distress as well causing the drop in BP and the low oxegyn levels. She calls the doc in and everything all of the sudden went really fast, they induced and got the operating room ready in case I needed an emergency c-section. He finally came and was immediately whisked away to an oxegyn tent.
    After all of this trauma I went home and I started a couple of weeks later feeling depressed. I decide to go to a psychiatrist recomended by my ob. He is actually a nurse practitioner, who decides I have bi-polar 2 (not the obvious like post partum depression) even after I told him of my history of depression and anxiety. He gives me all these drugs, one was anti-epilectic and another is an anti-psychotic. After about a week or 2 I start feeling the worst depression I have ever experienced, I can’t think clearly, I am walking into walls and the ppd was so exasperated I had to go to an inpatient facility. I was immediately diagnosed with PPD and taken off the meds and given a simple treatment of Zoloft and clonapin. I was finally feeling a lot better after that.
    The thing is, when I think of all that happened I get so ridden with anxiety and I think about I was treated so poorly by these people that were supposed to take care of me. I start thinking that maybe I am a terrible mother because I smoked, maybe I will do worse things and maybe I am going crazy. It’s hard because these people were professionals.

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