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    I am the wife of an alocholic. whom has been trying to recover for say for a year. Would like an opinion or insight from your point of view.

    Husband got 4th DUI in May 2010. Almost divorced him but couldn’t because of 4 kids involved.

    He quit drinking, rare occasion that I knew of in the first 10 months of NA beer drinking.
    Has trying to do it on his own, has had no outside counseling except for what was court appointed.
    Has not attempted (in my eyes) to repair our relationship, no suggestion of couseling, no serious conversations about our relationship. I also told him from the first couple of days of his recovery that I could not be a support to him in the beginning, nor did I want to be. (now I will admitt I have not tried either to open up communication, due to years of lies, stories, broken promises, you get the picture)

    He drank 3 weeks ago, atleast 7 beers in 3 hours, did not see him to attempt to hold back.

    I don’t know but I don’t think he had a drink for 2 weeks.
    Then on a Friday night had 8 beers in 2 1/3 hours. Then following night at a family function had at least another 7 beers in a couple hours also.

    I have NOT said or spoke a word to him about his drinks, should I of?

    Is this the start of slipping back, or has he. Does the mind frame of an A, slip back that quickly will I see some of his hardwork slip back to that of an alcholic. Does that one drink bring back the symptoms of an A?

    Hope that all makes sense. Please let me know your thoughts!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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