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    My first time posting in this forum, and I need the help. I’ve tried quitting before and was sucessfull for about 6 months. But after a alcohol relapse I went back to the habbit. I started to exercise about 4 months ago and switched from cigs to chewing. I know its discusting, but at least it doesn’t hold me back in my cardio work outs.

    So instead of 1 pack a day, I’m going for a caffeen/nicotine rush with 50 oz of coffee and half a jaw full of chewing tobaco. I go through one can a day ($6.00), it makes me lazy, and its just such a waste. Who needs it?

    So I’m going to dump what ever is left when I go to sleep tonight, and tomorrow is going to be day one. I’m going to avoid the stores I get it from and will be posting again. Is there anyone that is going to be starting on day 1 with me??

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