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    Im just curious but for those that didnt get diagnosed with anxiety until their adulthood….did you ever find yourself having difficulty concentrating when you were reading books as a kid. I mean school books especially where you would constantly re-read a paragraph.

    I just want to bring this up because, I have a difficult time just staying focused on most matters. I notice it alot when I am reading. And I realize I have always pretty much had this problem ever since I can remember. Just now its more of a struggle. Now some of it has to do with boredom like reading school curriculum but what I’m talking about is reading a full thing and almost getting no material out of it. I was also a type of person who would try to get things done. For example my teachers would tell my parents that I always tried to accomplish finishing the work rather then try to learn from it as I go. I guess my motives were different. I didnt like the feeling of having schoolwork unfinished because that just meant another thing to have to do/ another stressor.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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