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    Hi Karlee, maybe you could go to an urgent care center and have them write you a scrip for your psych meds or get samples.

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    Your regular doc should refill your prescription, under the circumstances. Please call him/her immediately to let them know you’re out. You shouldn’t stop taking an anti-depressant like that. It only works when it’s taken regularly.

    I hope you will only take those meds as directed. I don’t know but, taking oxys with a hot bath doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do….

    Clinical depression is NOT something that you just *get over.* Please call your doc. And find someone, even if it’s a taxi, to get you back to a psychiatrist. Ask your doctor for assistance. There may be help you are not aware of. Take advantage; let your doc help you!


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    I ran out of one of my medications about 5 days ago… It was a benzo…I didn’t take it every day like I was supposed too. I didn’t seem to have any withdrawals.

    Yesterday, I was in major chronic pain..I ran out of pain medications. So, all I did
    was take hot baths and took muscle relaxers that is prescribed to me for pain..

    Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore..So, I took an oxycotin today..
    I am not sure if the pain was because of my health issues or because I was withdrawing from the oxy..Perhaps goping off the benzo and the oxy was to much..

    My husband again was yelling at me this morning.He was upset because I put his work shirt in the washer..It was on the floor in our bedroom. So, I thought it was dirty..He always throws his dirty clothes on the bedroom floor. Anyway, he told me that he doesn’t mean to yell at me but I…..He was blaming me for his bad behavior.

    I am not looking for sympathy or anything like that..I am just overwhelmed with everything that has been going on..I have been very depressed and just want to
    stay in bed and sleep…I am almost out of all my medications. The doctor that prescribes my anti-depressants quit on me after 13 years because of serious health
    problems..Then I found another doctor and had appointment with her..I got to the appointment, but the clinic would not let me see the doctor because there
    was a problem with my health insurance..So, I had to schedule another appointment.
    Then last week I am told that this doctor can’t see me..She is moving and not seeing
    new patients..There are no other pychrists(spelling?) near my home that my health insurance will pay for me to see..They are all about hour from my home…
    I won’t drive that far because of my ELipsey and my husband won’t take me.
    My husband thinks I should learn to live without them In the meantime I am becoming more depressed to the point that I seriously just want to give up.

    I have an appointment with my family doctor on Tuesday.Hopefuly, he will
    refill my ante-depressants that I have been on..However, I do believe I need a medication change…It seems that many insurances don’t think mental health coverage is needed..It is so very frustrating..My husband makes too much money for me to the county clinic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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