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    As everyone has already read in my other posts, I am trying to work on getting healthier. I’m trying to start some new & better habits that will hopefully lead me into better health. I’ve had an eating disorder all of my life, at least since I was a very young teen, that I believe has extremely contributed to my bad health. I’ve come here for support & commaraderie & to hopefully hear some wisdom from others that have dealt with some of what I’m going through. So far, I’ve committed to not eating sweets or drinking sodas & I’ve committed myself to walking some every day that I possibly can. I’ve lost 7 lbs from my top weight so far, & as happy as I am about that, it’s really not my goal. Feeling better & healthier is my goal & I’m hoping the weight loss will just happen as well. And it is, so far. Not quickly, but steadily.

    Today, I decided to commit to taking my vitamins regularly & reporting here each day to hold myself accountable. I’ve already taken them today. I take a one-a-day multi-vitamin & mineral tablet (horse-pill) & calcium pills (also very large), once a day, hopefully every day. Before now, I’ve tried to take them as I should & need to, but I forget to alot. I hope that reporting here will help me to remember to take them every day. Anyone who might want to join me on this thread, is very welcome. I know that this will help us to feel healthier.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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