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    My sobriety extends from the 15th Feb., 2008, not a particularly lendthy period but far from what I’d ever expected and it has obviously provided great benefits, in areas like my health, personal stability and finances etc.

    What an unexpected bonus, discovering by recognition and acceptance of my ‘true sexuality’ is, in my hitherto, until 6 months ago, enjoyment of not only seeking the company of but , in sobriety being able to help, support, admire and appreciate members of the Transgender community. I never regarded myself as homosexual nor bisexual,just sexual, not sure where anything lay. I just felt that t girls held the ‘middle ground’ and it suited me. It’s wonderful, and far from threatening my sobriety it strengthens it as, despite a ‘shaky’ start, with a few ‘stumbles’ I now find myself not only comfortable with a t girl for company , but happy with it,and let’sface it , their are some lovely girls. I just ask those that are my friends to remember,it’s not all about sex, and I’m a personto! So my sobriety will alwayscome first! A day at a time.

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