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    How many times has this been asked around these forums alone….?

    Does it start when a person stops obsessive, compulsive, out of control behavior?

    (fill in the blank here, I’ll use drugs as the example word, ’cause it’s my thing)

    Does it start when we quit using the drugs? Or does it start when we just think about stopping?

    Does it start if when we drag out the quitting by “tapering” or “weening”?

    If we’re still polluting our minds with the substance, how does the mind accept, and begin to use the ideas and solutions that recovery has?

    If a mind is still closed enough to think that “less drugs” or different drugs are ok, how can it be open enough for anything else?

    If we just stop the substance, but continue to act out and live just like we did while we used, is that recovery?

    Granted some folks can just quit and move on, so no recovery is needed….

    What is recovery?

    It’s the “aftercare” of yourself, after you’ve stopped whatever abuse you lived, is it not?

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