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    Hi everyone,,Im not sure if this is the right place for this post,,But here it goes,,Recently Ive had alot of stress at work being what i would call afraid to leave the house and go,,worried over what could happen,,all kinds of fears that i just cant get into for now,,I am a recovering drunk,,and been sober 4 years,,work with others and do the steps,,i did everything right,,prayed,,steped it,,shred with others,,wrote on it,,then made a decision,,and gave notice,,thinking my emothins and thoughts would change,,they did not,,i still had the unreasonable fears ect,like its hard to leave the house,,so i ruled out work as the problem,,and have recently relized,,i have the same problems with going to the laundry,,partys,,taking the dogs for a walk, hell deciding what to do for each day is a task,,i do everything listed,,and once i get going it isent so bad,,but im on gaurd all day,,getting home is becomming my only safe place,,it occured to me,,that i might be ,,depreesed,,or have some disorder im unaware of,,i always have chalked it up to my alcoholisim,,but after 4 years of doing the right thig,,looking at myself,,and getting close to god,,these things remain,,they are unreasonable fears,,illousions, to be worried over doing the laundry is insane,,i have to figuar it out,,plan the trip, must go to the same place,,should i bring the dog,,or not,,its obsessive thought pattern,,i cant just go to the dam laundry,,rediculous as this sounds,,its the same with everything i do,,i looked back and this is something that has been with me for along time,,although it seemes to be getting worse as a get older,,im 47,,it is taking the joy out of my everyday life,,now once i get to were ever im going i seem to be able to be as ok as i can,,but then we are off to the next plan,,i am a very routine oreintated guy,,if it gets screwed up or something new comes in it taked me awhile to get myself into a place were i can do whatever it is,,can anyone suggest what this might be,,i am calling the doc this week, and starting some footwrok here,,but i wanted to get some advice,,thanks

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